feel the sun on your skin. warming flesh. pulsing rhythm. stories burned fresh.

stomp your feet. dance and sway. let go. the purified pain.

and remember. there’s purpose in growth. if only to help you see.

we belong to everything.


let. go.

how to: let go.

stop. holding on.

when I find my fingers

grasping tightly

I take a deep breath

and pray softly

for the courage

to step away from

what no longer serves me

and I remember

from that place. deep

in my belly

that the only way

to move forward is to

r e l e a s e

what once was

loss and renewal

are the same


within we

hush now. my sweet child.

you hold. all the love you need.

within your ragged. beating heart.

people will come, and

they will go.

do not let the leaving

turn you into stone.

lift your chin

crack open your ribs

let the light. within you.

g l o w

with the knowledge

a pulsing hope

there is always warmth

within the cold.

find the eyes

that help you see

you are never truly alone

healing is found

within we.

do not flee

the impermanent nature

connection is. f r e e.