sturdy bones. give structure that let us tread. back to the soil. when drowning is a threat.

how can you know your place? if the land has a foreign taste?

learn to dig deep. unearth the treasures waiting beneath. the surface of things.

harvest the bounty. where understanding awaits.

alejandramariaphoto-8860 (1).jpg

midwest queer

i was raised in corn and concrete

equal parts sharp. and sweet.

skyscrapers of longing

to escape those fields

thick with mouths that won’t. speak.

big city pride. small town minds.

they all collide

chaotically in that space behind

my empty. chest.

my heart lives. in my brain.

how else is a woman

supposed to survive. all that shame.

born from the conflict

of being taught to believe

that she can be. anything.

except. what. she. is.



i am worthy

by the mere. fact.

of my breathing

beating. heart.

— birthright